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LM4780 KIT

LM4780 power amplifier kit

  • Product ID : 1272
  • Model : LM4780PRLL
  • Manufacturer : CUSTOM
  • Availability:IN STOCK

Price : 3,900.00

The minimum order quantity is 1


A compact and powerful chipamp. The design is based on the LM4780 stereo power amp , which is nothing but two LM3886 packaged in one IC. Though LM4780 is a stereo ic it has been used in the parallel configuration, each amp board is monoblock. You would need two amplifier boards to make a stereo unit. Parallel configuration is used primarily to enable the amp to drive low impedance speakers i.e. < 8ohms comfortably as the load is shared between the two amplifiers built into the IC.

A very carefully desinged and high quality pcb is the heart of this amp. The pcb is star grounded as well as features a ground lift reistor for the signal stages, resulting in very quiet and hum free operation. The muting capacitor and resitor selection make for a silent turn on and turn off.

The amp performs exceptionally well and remains very cool when driving a pair of 6ohm book shelf speakers. It's sound quality belies the size and cost of the amplifier. When used with recommended transformer voltage i.e. 0-20,0-20 secondaries the amplifier will comfortably produce around 50 Watts RMS into 8 ohms and around 70 Watts RMS into 4 ohms speaker. Slightly higher secondary voltage will produce higher power when used with 8 ohms speakers, however it is not recommended to exceed 25 volts secondary voltages. The kit includes everthing needed to complete one board except heatsinks. A good heatsink would be 196MM/100MM unit available with us. A power supply pcb will be available within a few days for this amp.

key facts

High power Compact dimensions Exceptional clarity

Additional Details

  • PCB
  • LM4780IC
  • Metal Film Resistors
  • Power Resistors
  • Faston connectors
  • Panasonic FM electrolytic capcitors
  • Polypropylene Film input capacitor

WOW Great sounding

Its great sounding amp and wonderful layout. The Tricky part would be the mounting of the IC. Recommend to use the parts from DIYcomponents which are of great quality. I am using these amps to drive Bose satellite and Pioneer floor standers. With Pioneer floor standers they sound so great. Great Amp

GowriShankar, 19/11/2014

Good amp

This amp kit has real ultra low noise like no noise at all.So when it is not playing anything it is quiet. Sound is crystal Clear. The Mids , Highs and Lows are not jumbled up; The seller is really communicative and will help in any related matter you ask of him of. I would say go for it. Be careful to choose a good toroid transformer only. And choose this amp only if you have good efficient 8ohm speakers. And you are good to go.

Debojyoti, 27/04/2015