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Hi Fi Active Preamp

  • Product ID : 1262
  • Model : PREAMP88
  • Manufacturer : CUSTOM
  • Availability:IN STOCK

Price : 1,550.00

The minimum order quantity is 1


A really high quality preamp, it utilizes a two stage design a Buffer and a gain stage. Very minimalistic in terms of capacitors in the signal path. The boards also feature a selectable gain mechanism using dip swithces and various resistor combinations. By having a two stage preamp it ensures superb performance from various sources as the gain section is isolated from the source impedance by the buffer. The design requires two opamp ic's.

A really high quality pcb has been designed and included in the kit. The pcb ensures very good performance with careful grounding. The decoupling caps have been placed really close to the opamps to ensure good PSRR. The boards also use 70 microns copper thickness and are hot air leveled.

The kit includes everything needed to make a working preamp including a high quality Bourns dual 100k pot and 2 OPA2134 ic's. The recommended power supply for this preamp is +/- 15 volts. A high quality power supply kit for this pcb will also be available soon, however the kit can be run from any regulated dual supply that can supply around 100mA and +/- 15 volts.

key facts

Superb sound quality 70 micron copper pcb Great value

Additional Details

  • All metal film resistors
  • Bourns Volume Pot
  • 2 OPA2134 IC's
  • High quality IC Bases
  • Nichicon PM electrolytic caps
  • Polyester Film caps
  • Connectors

Preamp Kit

Excellent kit worked perfect .The kit included hi quality parts as described with very good documentation. The most important is the email support .Excellent keep it up.

Ratheesh , 04/10/2014