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LME49810  amplifier kit

LME49810 amplifier kit

  • Product ID : 1276
  • Model : LME49810EFHP
  • Manufacturer : CUSTOM
  • Availability:OUT OF STOCK

Price : 3,200.00

The minimum order quantity is 1


High power output and extremely low distortion, LME 49810 driver based design provides superb sound quality. The chip includes a Baker clamp that provides soft clipping unlike many discrete designs. With 30V secondaries and MJL output devices the amp will put out close to 200 WATTS. Even higher power can be squeezed out with the right output devices an slightly higher secondaries, as LME 49810 is rated for operation upto 200V. The kit includes capacitors rated for 63v, if high voltage secondaries are used please take care to use appropriately rated capacitors.
Test prototypes and subsequent boards have consistently shown very little output offset less than 5mV!
A detailed assembly guide will follow soon.

key facts

High power Ultra Low distortion High quality PCB

Additional Details

  • All resistors ( 1% metal film )
  • Power resistors
  • Faston connectors
  • Silpad 400 insulators
  • Silver Mica compensation capacitors
  • MJE 15032/33 drivers
  • MJL 0302/0281 output transistors
  • Onboard Electrolytics including 10000uF reservoir caps

Can this is Bridgeable ?

Can this is Bridgeable to produce more then 350w

Vedprakash, 26/10/2015