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Regulated Preamp Supply

Regulated Preamplifier Supply

  • Product ID : 1288
  • Manufacturer : CUSTOM
  • Availability:OUT OF STOCK

Price : 450.00

The minimum order quantity is 1


A compact regulated supply for preamps and control circuits. The board features a pass transitor pre-regulator with a low ripple design. The pre-regulator ensures the circuit can easily operates from around +/- 45 volts main amplifier rails. If circuit needs to operate from higher voltages the Resistors R1,R39 and R2,R40 need to be changed to ensure current through the zener does not exceed 20mA.
The board is 70 microns and features terminal blocks on both input and output for easy connection to exsiting system.
This board can also be used along with the Hi-Fi preamp kit and the Cmoy kit.

key facts

compact low ripple value for money

Additional Details

  • All transistors,diodes and IC's
  • All resistors
  • Nichicon PM/Panasonic FC caps
  • Polyester Film caps
  • Terminal Blocks