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Power supply pcb

Dual Power supply pcb

  • Product ID : 1345
  • Model : PS003
  • Manufacturer : CUSTOM
  • Availability:IN STOCK

Price : 450.00

The minimum order quantity is 1


Dual rail power supply pcb for power amplifiers. Space for 4 large can type capacitors. High current rating Bridge rectifier. Follows Texas instruments white paper on Power supplies for amplifies. Snubber capacitors added near bridge rectifier , snubber bypassed reservoir capacitors. Faston terminals for ground and rail voltages ensures high current capability connections. Well designed thick traces of the pcb ensure very high current capability and good performance. includes on board auxilary pass transistor supply for muting and other peripherals.

key facts

High quality pcb High current capacity 4 reservoir caps on board

Additional Details

  • PSU pcb